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360dialog and LOVOO Success Story

ABOUT OUR CLIENT With more than 70 million users worldwide LOVOO is the fastest growing social network for meeting new people in a fun and easy way. The #1 Dating App in German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) in terms of app store downloads and... read more

Introducing Web Push Notifications

DEFINITION Web Push Notifications are clickable messages that pop up on your desktop or mobile screen and encourage you to take action on something. They work very similarly to mobile push notifications with the main difference that Web Push Notifications are sent by... read more

Introducing Rich Push Notifications

Boost your engagement and drive more conversions by creating meaningful and memorable experiences for your customers with the power of Rich Push. If you have already measured the benefits from the use of a simple text message, imagine what an image, video or sound... read more

Data Push – Customize Your User’s Experience

Today we would like to introduce you to a new versatile channel on the 360 platform which provides plenty of flexibility in displaying custom and personalized native in-app messages. The channel is called „Data Push“ and enables you to send JSON packages to your mobile... read more

Language targeting: advanced language settings

  Language targeting is getting as complex as it is important. Let’s state the obvious: in the US, English and Spanish are two languages to contend with. Indeed, many users in the US speak either one language or the other, and possibly both. Furthermore, in the... read more

Web Push Notifications – Introduction

  Despite spending nearly every waking minute with our smartphones, there is still another screen that we can’t forget about. The desktop. Although mobile is still dominating with over 51% of time spent on smartphones, desktop is not far behind at 42% of media... read more

Drive and measure mobile engagement: a sample use case

Today we are going to talk about how to execute, measure and learn from a standard use case with proven success: the Feature Reminder. What’s this? We implement this type of use case to explain key in-app features to new users (onboarding phase) or reminding... read more

A Quick Intro to iOS Universal Links

With iOS 9, Apple introduced Universal Links, which have the potential to greatly impact your mobile business. Universal Links make regular “http://…” web URLs launch your app directly. What are Universal Links and how do they work? Universal Links... read more

Apple changes the deep linking game

With the release of iOS 9.2 on Dec. 8th, Apple has put an end to the era of deep linking as we know it. In the last few years, deep linking from email or web browsers into an app was based on so called URI schemas. Schemas are app-specific protocols, like... read more

A push message can go a long way

As we discussed before, push messages have a much bigger impact on users than boost the open rate. If used correctly, they can not only succeed in getting the users to open the app after having being inactive for some time, but they also bring the customers... read more

Christmas Shopping on Mobile

With a month to go before Christmas, it is only appropriate to start looking at which role the smartphones will play in the hunt for the best present and how online retailers can offer their users a truly tailored experience. The team of Bronto has put together another... read more