WhatsApp Newsletter: Scaling Your Enterprise with bulk messages

July 19, 2023 — by Zivko A.

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WhatsApp Newsletter

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Sending WhatsApp Newsletter bulk messages gives businesses the ability to send a high volume of broadcast messages simultaneously to thousands of WhatsApp Business contacts.

In this article, 360dialog answers important questions about WhatsApp Newsletter bulk messages and why they are such an essential marketing tool for all WhatsApp API users.

What are the options for sending WhatsApp newsletter?

In theory, there are three known WhatsApp Newsletter tools that businesses can turn to:

  • WhatsApp Business App. This official WhatsApp solution with basic features suitable for micro-small businesses that want to test the option of broadcast messaging on a limited number of contacts (up to 256 contacts).
  • Unofficial tools. Unofficial tools are circumventing the use of WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp bulk message senders that are free but not affiliated with WhatsApp. These come with high risks due to workarounds that disregard WhatsApp Policies.
  • WhatsApp Business API. Using the official WhatsApp Business API offers a customizable option to send WhatsApp newsletter bulk messages with scalable messaging options, supported integrations, and the official WhatsApp Business API complies with WhatsApp Policies.

In reality, while all three methods are functional, the official WhatsApp Business API is the only solution that allows businesses to scale and automate newsletter messaging to thousands of recipients with a minimal chance of getting banned by WhatsApp.

Why is WhatsApp API the best choice for sending newsletters?

Automated WhatsApp Newsletter Messaging

With the WhatsApp API, businesses can automate sending WhatsApp messages to thousands of prospects. This ensures that all WhatsApp newsletter messages are sent consistently and reliably while saving hours of time on manually preparing and sending messages.

  • Medium-sized and large enterprises can easily schedule and manage WhatsApp broadcast flows with minimized operational costs and human error.
  • All WhatsApp bulk newsletter messages sent through the API are encrypted and protected in a way that upholds GDPR and WhatsApp standards. Users are able to opt-out with the click of a button.
  • With the integration-friendly options of 360dialog’s WhatsApp API, businesses can simultaneously message newsletter broadcasts to multiple contacts in their CRM database, improving productivity and responsiveness.

Personalized automated messaging for WhatsApp newsletter subscribers

Established brands build stronger relationships with customers by delivering content that is relevant and engaging to them.

WhatsApp Newsletter and Promotions | 360dialog

Here are some of the benefits of WhatsApp bulk messaging and WhatsApp Newsletters:

  1. Reach customers through their favorite messaging app
  2. Increase your Open rates and your Conversion rate (45-60%)
  3. Boost Sales through WhatsApp
  4. Scale your business with 1-on-1 communication and service
  5. Engage more customers with customized messages and offers
  6. Reduce response time
  7. Send Rich media messages
  8. Benefit from constant updates and new features
  9. Achieve a more relevant and customer-centric communication

Improved customer engagement within WhatsApp newsletter flows

WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users, and over 300.000 businesses use the WhatsApp Business API. In 2022, people spent a global average of 17 hours per month on WhatsApp (April 3rd, 2023 – Statista). The potential is there – it’s simply a matter of whether businesses are profiting from it.

By using the WhatsApp API to send bulk WhatsApp newsletter messages, businesses can reach a large audience and engage with customers in real-time with their WhatsApp broadcasts. And with the option of using interactive and multimedia broadcast messages, it becomes easier to guide users through the WhatsApp sales funnel, guaranteeing improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased reach with WhatsApp newsletter

WhatsApp API enables businesses to send messages to WhatsApp users all over the world, regardless of their location.

With 360dialog’s WhatsApp campaign tracking and attribution software, businesses are in a better position to expand their reach and target new markets, which can lead to increased sales and revenue.

WhatsApp newsletters can be very cost-effective, especially compared to mobile apps

Compared to traditional marketing channels, sending WhatsApp API newsletter bulk messages through the WhatsApp API can be a cost-effective solution. Compared to creating and maintaining mobile apps, businesses can save on infrastructure costs and still deliver high-quality messaging to their customers.

Example: With 360dialog’s WhatsApp API solutions and Marketing Automation team, India-based businesses that invest €4,000 in Conversation-Based Pricing (CBP) fees would be able to secure up to 481,927 Marketing conversations per month.

Want to know how many messages you could send from other countries? Check out the conversation-based pricing tariffs on Meta here.

Risk control and management

Established enterprises looking to invest large amounts of money into WhatsApp campaigns need to search for solutions that can guarantee success. As good as they might sound, cheap do-it-yourself solutions can’t deliver top results, especially for established companies. 

Combining a flat-rate API with the premium technical support of a professional marketing automation team, on the other hand, can guarantee quality results. Turning to official WhatsApp API solution providers such as 360dialog increases the chance of ensuring a successful outcome from sending bulk WhatsApp messages.

How does using the WhatsApp API for broadcasting minimize risks?

Opting for the API solution eliminates the limitations of using the app and the unknown outcomes of using unofficial tools. It offers a safe way to reach the highest number of users. It also helps with managing all the risks involved with launching a big newsletter marketing campaign with the use of WhatsApp bulk message software.

What are the risks of sending bulk messages on WhatsApp without an official API provider?

  • Violation of WhatsApp policies or updates.
  • Unreliable and harmful to brand image.
  • Inability to get a WhatsApp Green Tick Verification.
  • Higher chances of getting banned.
  • Limited messaging tiers.
  • No integration or chatbot options.
  • No multi-agent access.
  • Lower standard of customer service.
  • No access to technical documentation.

Start using 360dialog’s marketing automation for scalable WhatsApp newsletter enterprise use cases

What should API users know before sending bulk WhatsApp messages?

To prevent dissatisfaction and protect users from spam, WhatsApp has protective measures that encourage businesses to create quality messaging campaigns when sending bulk messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp phone number tiers

While WhatsApp API users have the potential to send messages to an unlimited number of customers, they can’t do so instantly. Instead, users have to advance through Phone Number Tiers gradually.

Phone Number Tiers represent the number of contacts you can bulk message. Higher phone number tier = more unique contacts that you will be able to message within a 24-hour period.

WhatsApp Phone number status and quality rating

Two essential factors for maintaining the ability to send bulk messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Quality Rating

How WhatsApp newsletter broadcast messages are perceived by customers and based on the response rate and communication. There are three types of ratings:

  • High (green-colored)
  • Medium (yellow-colored)
  • Low (red-colored)

Phone number status

There are five statuses for WhatsApp phone numbers:

PendingPre-verification status when the business waits to pass the Business Policy checks.
OfflineStatus when businesses fail the Commerce Policy, check, or cancel their WhatsApp API account.
ConnectedDefault status. The goal is to maintain a high-quality rating.
FlaggedStatus when the quality rating becomes Low. While flagged, you are unable to upgrade your phone number tier. To change the status back to Connected, the quality rating must return to Medium or High within seven days. If not, the phone number will be Connected, but the tier will be downgraded.
RestrictedStatus when your phone number reaches its messaging limit with a poor quality rating and the user is no longer able to send bulk messages.

If your quality rating remains low for a week, your account gets downgraded to a lower tier, and its status changes back to Connected. And if a phone number reaches its messaging limit with a poor quality rating, the number gets a Restricted status, and the user is no longer able to send bulk messages.

How to increase WhatsApp tiers and message quality rating

The best way to advance through tiers and keep your rating in check is straightforward – make your WhatsApp bulk messages relevant to your contacts! Here is a simple example of how easy it will be to upgrade tiers:

Graph that explains how API users progress through different tiers.

If you want to learn more about tiers, quality ratings, and messaging limits, you can find it all explained here.

How to launch a successful WhatsApp newsletter bulk messages campaign?

Steps for Launching a WhatsApp Newsletter

Setup a WhatsApp Newsletter broadcast with 360dialog

There are two things that a business needs to start sending WhatsApp bulk messages – an official WhatsApp Business API account and an integrated WhatsApp bulk message sender solution

360dialog is an official WhatsApp API provider that has a WhatsApp Marketing Automation team specialized in helping enterprises increase sales with bulk messaging. In addition to the team, there is also a variety of 360dialog partners who offer customizable messaging software solutions.

Create WhatsApp newsletter marketing campaigns with the support of 360dialog’s team

WhatsApp Business API users need to create templates for messages and get them approved by Meta in order to send bulk WhatsApp messages. 360dialog’s Marketing Automation team caters to the unique needs of all enterprises looking to create high-impact and hyper-personalized bulk WhatsApp messaging campaigns for subscribers:

  • Custom WhatsApp Channel setup
  • WhatsApp Green Tick Verification Assistance
  • Tailored opt-in and opt-out methods (QR codes and interactive messages)
  • Automated messages workflow creation
  • Campaign KPIs tracking and analysis

Once the WhatsApp newsletter bulk messaging flow is established, businesses will be able to engage with thousands of subscribers based on phone number tier and quality score.

Start Broadcasting WhatsApp Newsletters

Create an account with 360dialog and start using 360dialog’s Marketing Automation and  WhatsApp Business API to build your interactive messaging flow.

How to send a newsletter via WhatsApp without getting banned?

One of the most common risks with WhatsApp group messaging is that businesses can easily get banned. To prevent this, just stick to these guidelines:

Uphold WhatsApp guidelines

Bulk messages need to comply with WhatsApp’s Business and Commerce Policies. Any violation of WhatsApp policies can easily lead to your business losing the ability to send WhatsApp messages altogether.

WhatsApp business account verification

Businesses with a WhatsApp Green Tick Verification have lower chances of getting flagged by customers. The green badge portrays brand legitimacy and reputation, making it a vital element in high-performance WhatsApp bulk messaging. A good place to start is by learning how to increase your chances of getting the WhatsApp Green Tick

Spam raises flags and leads to getting banned by WhatsApp. Enterprises must use opt-in/opt-out methods to get users to confirm that they want to start/stop messages from your business. 360dialog’s team can create prefilled messages with QR codes or Quick Reply Interactive Messages to get quick responses from customers, which has two benefits:

  1. More conversations result from users scanning the QR code or clicking a WhatsApp chat button.
  2. Lower chances of getting reported and blocked due to users being able to unsubscribe from receiving messages with one click.

Respect the users’ privacy

Businesses are professionally obligated to protect the personal information of their users. Ensure never to share information about your users beyond WhatsApp communication, and you will minimize the risk of getting banned. 

Track and improve the response rate

If messages are not getting a high enough response rate, businesses might want to consider reworking them to make them more engaging. Forcing open-ended welcome messages or messages that are just not interesting will only lead to getting banned due to spam.

Finally, use an official WhatsApp Business API solution

WhatsApp has the authority to control and ban its users, so why risk such retaliation by using unofficial tools that might not comply with WhatsApp terms of service? Instead, eliminate this risk by turning to tried and tested WhatsApp API providers such as 360dialog. That way, you minimize any risk of getting banned for using shady WhatsApp bulk messages software.

Use cases

Businesses around the world are already successfully using 360dialog’s bulk WhatsApp messaging solutions to generate interest and build communities with WhatsApp audiences. Here’s how some of them are doing it:

WhatsApp community channel for FC Köln fans

With the technical support of 360dialog, BILD decided to create a WhatsApp News Channel for devoted supporters of FC Köln. With a paid subscription, loyal fans of this football club get daily updates about club member activities both on and off the pitch. You can read the full story here.

BILD banner with WhatsApp News opt-in QR code by 360dialog.

Weekly digital leaflets for Rewe customers

To prevent the use of raw materials in the printing of its weekly promotional flyer, the German food retailer Rewe found an eco-friendlier solution through the use of WhatsApp. With the help of 360dialog’s WhatsApp API, Rewe has transitioned to providing customers with digital leaflets via WhatsApp bulk messaging, and the results have exceeded all expectations. Read more about it here.

WhatsApp Newsletter

What comes next?

By using 360dialog’s Official WhatsApp API, businesses get more than just access to WhatsApp bulk message software. From strategizing and implementation to WhatsApp marketing automation and CRM integration, 360dialog ensures that any investment in the messaging platform delivers on its full potential.

Most importantly, 360dialog’s expertise and guidance can ensure that brands remain on the right side of WhatsApp’s strict rules and regulations at all times.

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