WhatsApp Marketing for Improved Engagement & Better Results

June 20th, 2023 — by Bruna M.

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WhatsApp can be an effective tool for marketing and sales if features like WhatsApp newsletter, Marketing automation, and analytics & tracking are leveraged. 

This article discusses the WhatsApp API features businesses can use to launch their WhatsApp Marketing campaigns effectively. Additionally, the article will cover products and catalogs, payments, business search, and marketing messages to drive lead qualification, sales, and customer engagement.

Why Do Customers Love WhatsApp?

One-on-One Conversations

WhatsApp provides a unique platform for one-on-one conversations, akin to phone calls or emails, but without the need for picking up the phone or scrolling through an inbox. It enables businesses to establish personal connections with their customers, fostering a sense of authenticity.

Conversational Experience

Like a phone call, WhatsApp facilitates two-way, customer-centric conversations, allowing businesses to engage in meaningful dialogues. Unlike waiting on hold, WhatsApp conversations are prompt and hassle-free.

Asynchronous Messaging

WhatsApp offers the flexibility of immediate, interactive responses, as well as the convenience of responding at one’s leisure. This asynchronous nature ensures that businesses can maintain conversations even if customers are not available at the moment.

A Beloved Platform

Given that customers already use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family, businesses can tap into this pre-existing familiarity. Leveraging a platform customers already love enhances their comfort and receptiveness to engaging with brands on WhatsApp.

The Potential of WhatsApp in terms of Marketing Metrics:

WhatsApp’s potential for marketing and sales is truly remarkable. Let’s take a look at some key statistics that highlight its effectiveness.

  • 98-99% Open Rate: Compared to the average email open rate of 5% to 25%, WhatsApp boasts an outstanding open rate, ensuring that your messages reach most recipients.
  • 45-60% Conversion Rate: With an average conversion rate 12 times higher than SMS strategies, WhatsApp proves to be a highly effective channel for driving conversions and sales.
  • 50% Click-through Rate: In contrast to the average email click-through rate of 2.91% across industries, WhatsApp achieves an impressive 50% click-through rate, indicating high user engagement.
  • 83% Engagement Rate: With an engagement rate between 1% and 3.5% on other channels, WhatsApp’s 83% engagement rate clearly demonstrates its ability to captivate and involve customers.

Resources for Lead Qualification and Sales in WhatsApp: Products and Catalogs

To effectively utilize WhatsApp for lead qualification and sales, businesses can leverage the following resources:

  • Create your WhatsApp Catalog: Upload your inventory in catalog format to Facebook and connect it to your WhatsApp Business Account. Populate the catalog with essential products, focusing on high-demand and top-selling items.
  • Send Product Messages: WhatsApp offers two types of product messages. Single Product Messages display detailed information about a specific product, while Multi-Product Messages allow customers to explore multiple items from your inventory, showcasing up to 30 products.

Resources for Lead Qualification and Sales in WhatsApp: Payments

Businesses can explore the potential of WhatsApp Payments, which allows customers to make secure payments directly within the app. This feature is currently available in beta for testing.

WhatsApp Marketing

Resources for Lead Qualification and Sales in WhatsApp: Business Search

While currently available only for verified businesses in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, and the UK, WhatsApp Business Search is set to launch in India soon. This feature enables customers to discover and connect with businesses more easily.

WhatsApp Marketing

Utilizing WhatsApp for Marketing Messages:

WhatsApp’s marketing messages feature provides an opportunity to engage with customers who have already opted in to receive information. When crafting marketing messages, keep the following key factors in mind:

  • Expected: Customers have willingly opted in to receive information over WhatsApp, so it’s essential to deliver messages they anticipate and welcome.
  • Timely: Send messages at logical times, such as soon after customers engage with your business, to ensure relevance and increase the likelihood of response.
  • Relevant: Personalize messages to cater to individual customers, providing valuable information and clear call-to-action prompts.
WhatsApp Marketing

Enhancing WhatsApp Traffic and Conversion:

To drive traffic to your WhatsApp channel and maximize conversions, consider the following approaches.

Ads that Click to WhatsApp (CTWA)

According to research by WhatsApp, CTWA ads generate a conversion rate seven times higher than ads leading to external pages. Utilize CTWA ads on Facebook and Instagram to attract new users and engage in 72-hour-long free conversations.

WhatsApp Funnel

Leverage messaging conversation threads to create persistent dialogues that address users’ needs. CTWA ads can also be used for remarketing purposes, targeting leads that dropped off from your traditional sales funnel or eCommerce webpage.

WhatsApp Marketing

Choosing the Right WhatsApp Resources

Depending on your specific goals, different WhatsApp resources are better suited for various purposes:

  • Awareness Content: For increasing traffic to your WhatsApp channel, CTWA ads are ideal, as they allow for free conversations for 72 hours with new users from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Re-Engagement: To bring back disengaged leads, personalized CTWA ads on Facebook and Instagram can be effective. Additionally, marketing messages can be sent to opted-in users based on their interests.
  • Sales Conversion: CTWA ads personalized for Facebook and Instagram, along with marketing messages, can be leveraged to drive sales conversions and showcase offers or products.
  • Post-Purchase and Loyalty: For post-purchase communication, loyalty programs, and upselling, personalized CTWA ads on Facebook and Instagram, combined with marketing messages, prove to be valuable resources.

Embrace the power of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to establish authentic connections, drive conversions, and foster customer engagement. With its unique features, impressive reach, and high conversion rates, WhatsApp offers a powerful platform for businesses to interact with customers one-on-one. 

By utilizing resources such as products and catalogs, payments, and marketing messages, businesses can leverage WhatsApp to its fullest potential, enhancing lead qualification, sales, and customer satisfaction.

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