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Ads that click to WhatsApp for
On-Premise API users!

Connect your WhatsApp Business API to the Facebook Ads Manager and Display ads that click to WhatsApp across Facebook and Instagram.

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open rate

98% open rate


click rate

45-60% click rate



2B+ users

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Turn Facebook ad clicks into WhatsApp leads

Manage contacts and messages coming from ads that click to WhatsApp easily. 360dialog’s API solutions enable the following:

  • Integrating WhatsApp with CRM systems to manage leads
  • Automating WhatsApp responses and messaging campaigns
  • Measuring every step of the WhatsApp funnel
  • Improving click-to WhatsApp ads based on conversion data

Thousands of businesses around the world rely on 360dialog as their official WhatsApp API provider:

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Optimize your WhatsApp campaigns for conversions

Test out multiple auto responses and personalized template messages to see which converts best.

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Improve ROI with 360dialog’s measurement & attribution platform

360dialog’s WhatsApp campaign tracking and attribution enables you to track multiple events within WhatsApp, such as subscriptions, orders, and bookings.

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Attribution & Tracking

Track the performance and conversion rate of multiple messages

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Analyze which auto-reply or template message performs best

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Results Assessment

Optimize your campaign based on accurate WhatsApp data

*With the 360dialog platform, enterprises can track the performance of ads as well as the performance of WhatsApp messages or conversations.

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Unlock the Full Potential of WhatsApp Marketing

Thanks to 360dialog, you can now track the performance of your WhatsApp messages and the engagement they generate.

  • Manage WhatsApp leads with ease
  • Track open rates and conversion rates
  • Optimize message flow for top engagement

Activate your WhatsApp advertising strategy in 3 easy steps

With these short steps and in 24 hours or less, you can publish your Facebook & Instagram Ads that Click to WhatsApp with a fully automated lead generation and tracking system made by experts.

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Start your journey with 360dialog.

Let’s get started!

Provide your business info on the form below so we can assist you with any questions or issues and personalize and adapt your automation and tracking settings.

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Create the WhatsApp Business API account.

You can sign-up for the WhatsApp Business API in 15 mins by following the steps in our documentation.

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Build your ads on Facebook & Instagram.

After creating your account with 360dialog and getting access to the WhatsApp Business API key, you can build your Click to WhatsApp Ads by following a step-by-step guide and tips on best practices.

Go live!

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Funnel Measurement

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Quick & Easy Setup

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Enterprise Solution

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Lead-Gen Automation

Launch your Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp today

Get access to 360dialog’s WhatsApp Business API solutions and start leveraging ads that click to WhatsApp with premium automation features!

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