WhatsApp Business API & Integration API

- 360dialog is verified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)

- Developer friendly API: direct access to WhatsApp Business API

- Regional hosting for data compliance & performance available 

- On-Premise in your own cloud environment available

- We don't save message data after retrieved to clients' services

- No extra docu additional to the original WhatsApp docu needed

- Branded Messaging / ‘Verified Business’ possible

- Bring Your Own Number (mobile, landline, toll-free) 

- Rich Messaging (images, files, location, videos, links, etc) 

- Branded Stickers / Interactive Buttons / Quick Replies

WhatsApp Business API & integration specialist

● Whatsapp Business API as easy as On Premise

● GDPR compliant & local servers in your country

● Easy to integrate, based on WhatsApp API docu

● Open API for integration with CRM, Bot, Data, etc

● WhatsApp message sandbox

● Highly performant API - 100% messages delivered

● Highly scalable SaaS Pricing

● Fast & automated self-service account activation

● Full transparency on any account activation step 

Retail & Facebook Advertising

Make every store available for your customers through WhatsApp. Enable pre-orders, make your services available for your customers, integrate into Facebook via Click-to-WhatsApp Ads using their most popular app by connecting via WhatsApp Business API provided by 360dialog


Enable all your IOT infrastructure with WhatsApp. Let your customers open their cars, switch their lights or heating on while using their WhatsApp interface. Just integrate with the WhatsApp Business API and make your product available through WhatsApp!


360dialog can enable OTT services for Telcos within Telco's own environment at scale. Serve your business customers also in their WhatsApp flows, starting the dialog from your website or via Click-to-WhatsApp ads from Facebook.


Extend your sales activities with WhatsApp and equip large sales organisations with a GDPR compliant sales platform, based on the WhatsApp Business API. 

Human Resources

Be available for your existing and future team with WhatsApp, the channel most of your team member already use. No extra app needed, just integrate your HR solution via 360dialog API and time tracking or HR solutions are available via WhatsApp!

Developers: Ask for a trial account!

You have a new application and want to test with the WhatsApp API. Then we can give you access to the WhatsApp Business API up to six month for free!

Whatsapp Business API integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Pricing*

*Prices available from January 2021 and only for new WhatsApp Business Accounts or WhatsApp numbers

Special discounts for India, Brazil & Indonesia available! Please contact our sales team 


Most scalable

API only

Dev's favourite



Monthly License Fee
per hosted WABA or Number (price is based on standard hosting & one year contract with pre-payment; month-by-month payment available with +25%)

99 €

49 €*

* Partner discounts available

> 500 €

Incoming & outgoing WhatsApp
Session Messages (We NEVER charge any extra cost per session message!)




Monthly License Fee for Multi Core / High Availability Setups per additional instance (necessary when a number has high volume peaks on messages. For more information please check WA docs)




Outgoing Template Messages (We NEVER charge any extra cost per message,  WhatsApp fees will be passed through)

Headless Inbox Solution (Best way to integrate directly into existing solutions or add an inbox in your own look & feel)




Direct Access to WhatsApp Business API

based on standard hosting

based on standard hosting 

API plus hosting at customer

Frontend SDK for Inbox




Service Level




Monthly fee for dedicated Regional Hosting (Within Google Cloud & Yandex Cloud)

from 10€

from 20€


Standard Support
weekdays 10am – 6pm CET,
via e-mail, 24h ResponseTime


not included, but community support available


WhatsApp Official Business Account (green badge), upon approval




Choose your plan


Please ask us for special rates, if you are an ISV or if you have demand for high volumes of WhatsApp Business API accounts! 

WhatsApp Business API FAQ

Of course you can use the WhatsApp API to enable a bot for easy communication and chat. If you have any questions about the possibilities and the setup, we are happy to help you.

Yes, the 360dialog API solution can be used by one user, as well as by multiple agents as a web solution. Collaborative answering of WhatsApp requests is therefore very easy and clearly arranged.

Using the WhatsApp Business API, 360dialog ensures legal and privacy-compliant use of WhatsApp in customer communications. When starting communication with a business, the customer submits a consent before using the WhatsApp service. Customer also proactively contacts customer service via WhatsApp and confirms the privacy policy. Also the customer can unsubscribe at any time with a simple word or command and request that their data be deleted.

WhatsApp messages between the 360dialog API and customers are end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp cannot read them. Therefore this solution is more secure than email or many other messengers, that are not encrypted. Our hosting servers (where encryption and decryption happens) are located in certified data centers where our customers needs them to be hosted. 

What is also to be mentioned for customers using our API: We do not store any message data after messages are retrieved.

We deliver a solution, that has little technical effort on your side. Our API is very much based on the WhatsApp Business API, so your developers do not need any extra documentation. Our service is solving all the problems you would have to solve as a on-premise customer, but the API is based on the original WhatsApp API, so you will have all new features without delay and the UX of the original API.

- The WhatsApp Business API enables Branded Messaging / ‘Verified Business’ 

- Yo can bring your own number (mobile, landline, toll-free)

- The WhatsApp API makes rich messaging within the communication with your customers available (images, files, location, videos, links, buttons) 

- With branded Stickers, interactive buttons and quick replies you can enhance and speed up any dialog with you customers

Yes, you can connect existing CRM systems with our solution via our API. Please contact us, so that we can understand and satisfy your exact needs.

Your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Official API by WhatsApp for sustainable channel growth

Messages are hosted by a verified channel  partner

Hosting of your data in local data centers

Secure End2End Messaging

Direct Access to the global WhatsApp team