Helpdesk, Ticketing or IOT Integrations with WhatsApp Business API

Connect your customer service and ticketing applications in Jira Service Desk, Trello,, Zohodesk, Freshdesk or Dixa to the 360dialog API solution and the WhatsApp Business API communication is automatically converted into helpdesk or service desk tickets. Connect the most relevant messenger channel with Jira & Co! Our partners will support you!

We connect to your ticketing needs!

No matter if Jira, Trello, Mondaycom, Zohodesk, Freshdesk or Dixa, the 360dialog WhatsApp API solutions integrates easily and quickly into your system landscape.

Centralized Ticketing

Tickets are automatically created to manage and log your WhatsApp service threads.

Channel Extension

Connect the most relevant messenger channel with your Helpdesk Ticketing Solution.

Helpdesk / Ticketing Solutions


● Seamless integration to quickly deploy WhatsApp 

● WhatsApp messaging IN/OUT simply managed through your Helpdesk Tickets.

● Based on Rule Engine

● Providing GDPR Compliance for you

Use Case

The following application case shows how Helpdesk Ticketing-Integrations can be used as an example:


Customer Service

Live 1:1 engagement with your users and consumers. Chat casually with your clients and answer their needs with the help of full media support: images, video, pdf or location sharing.

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Journey Tracking with Helpdesk Ticketing-Integration

With a 360dialog Ticketing-Integration, journey data can be automatically transferred between your systems and the 360dialog WhatsApp Business API solution to provide your customers with the best possible customer experience via WhatsApp.

Your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Offer your clients the benefits of  relevant and convenient services  via the WhatsApp Business API with an official WhatsApp Enterprise Account.

Official API by WhatsApp for sustainable channel growth

Your data hosted by a verified channel partner

Hosting of your data in Geman data centers

Secure End2End Messaging

Direct Acces to the global WhatsApp team