WhatsApp Marketing Automation

Powered by 360dialog’s Official WhatsApp Business API

Create efficient WhatsApp marketing automation flows with 360dialog and optimize your WhatsApp sales funnel!

  • Automated bulk messages via the official WhatsApp API
  • Personalized messages based on user’s location and preferences
  • Newsletters and promotions via WhatsApp
  • Sign-ups through Interactive Messages and QR codes
  • Easy Opt-out with keywords and automated interactive messages
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WhatsApp Marketing Automation for Enterprises

Making WhatsApp campaigns unignorable!

Launch your automated WhatsApp marketing campaigns with the full technical support of 360dialog’s Marketing Automation team.

  • Custom WhatsApp Channel setup
  • WhatsApp Green Tick Verification assistance
  • Tailored opt-in methods (QR codes and interactive messages)
  • Automated messages workflow creation
  • Campaign KPIs tracking and analysis
WhatsApp Marketing Automation

Generate more sales through Marketing Automation

Send thousands of WhatsApp messages to well-targeted audiences with 360dialog’s Marketing Automation solution.

Keep a list of 10,000+ subscribers updated with your latest news and offers via WhatsApp.

The 360dialog team provides a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing automation solution

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1. Onboarding with 360dialog

Set up the WhatsApp Business Account and define all entry points and templates that must be sent.

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2. Define the subscription Process

Define the logic for customers to subscribe to the platform and receive messages periodically.

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3. Campaign creation

Define the campaign’s details, including messages, scheduling, and the filtering criteria for subscribers. 

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4. Campaign execution

Deliver messages to subscribers at the scheduled date and time while monitoring the campaign’s health.

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5. Campaign statistics

Monitor KPIs and deliver campaign statistics such as conversion rate and open rates.

Reach your target audience effectively

360dialog creates automated WhatsApp marketing campaigns based on well-defined use cases tailored to reach target audiences effectively. Enterprises can define the following:

schedule and frequency 360dialog

Frequency of messages

The schedule and frequency of sending messages (Daily, Weekly, monthly)

location 360dialog

Region and Location

Offers based on the region of each store based on postal codes provided by users

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Messages’ Format

The format of messages to be delivered to the customer (Simple text, Images, PDF, and URLs)

Ads that click to WhatsApp

360dialog’s WhatsApp Marketing Automation fully integrates with Facebook and Instagram Ads that click to WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Account activation in a single minute.

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Ads Creation in less than a minute, based on a new AI by Meta.

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Best-practice automation templates for lead-gen, transactions, and promotions – all ready to use.

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360dialog’s Tracking Engine is integrated with Meta Insights API and Conversions API.

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Full Account and Campaign Activation in less than 5 minutes.

The 360dialog platform makes ads that click to WhatsApp accessible to On-premises API users, along with WhatsApp marketing automation and funnel tracking.

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Full Funnel Tracking Available

Improve your ROI with 360dialog’s WhatsApp Dynamic Funnel Automation

360dialog enables users to keep track of all the relevant KPIs and optimize WhatsApp messages and automation flows for a better ROI. Users get access to:

  • WhatsApp business analytics
  • Customer profiling tools
  • Personalized customer engagement solutions
  • WhatsApp conversion rate tracking
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Automated WhatsApp Messaging

360dialog’s WhatsApp API & Messaging Platform provides a robust base to make WhatsApp marketing automation and bulk messaging easy and professional.

Integration API

Success Story

Carrefour Group

Carrefour wanted to offer its printed promotional catalogs digitally to offset production costs and better target customers based on region and preferred store location. The retailer wanted higher engagement, better customer service, and to learn shopper behavior more accurately.

carrefour store 360dialog

This multinational hypermarket chain uses the WhatsApp Business Platform to offer digital coupon catalogs to its customers across France, helping shoppers buy the products they want at the price they want


higher engagement compared to email


minute average engagement time with digital promotions


of customers using the Carrefour app already use WhatsApp

Their Solution

Coupons at the touch of a button

Before adopting the WhatsApp Business API, Carrefour’s catalogs – which support 50% of the company’s revenue – were offered solely in print format, which was expensive to produce and difficult to manage based on constantly changing products and in-store promotions.

Given how WhatsApp is widely used among the French population – including 75% of those who already use the Carrefour store app – it was clear to Carrefour that adopting the platform could better connect the company to its shoppers.

Working closely with business partner 360dialog and digital messaging hub Alcméon, Carrefour adopted the WhatsApp Business API to create a customized chatbot that enables customers to input their zip code and find their nearest store.

They receive a digital promotion catalog directly through WhatsApp specific to the location where they shop, tailored to weekly deals, seasonal promotions, and other offers that help them save money and plan their shopping.

Going forward, the company plans to extend its use of WhatsApp to enable customers to provide feedback directly through the app, implement logistics and food delivery notifications, and overall extend its services to its thousands of locations globally.

carrefour store 2 scaled 360dialog

Their Success

Smiles in the aisles

  • 45% of Carrefour WhatsApp users engage with the digital catalog, compared to 10% of customers who open the catalog through email.
  • Customers engage with the digital catalog for an average of 3 minutes, improving upon the print catalog that lacked customer insight.
  • 75% of customers using the Carrefour app also use WhatsApp, so many customers already understand the technology.

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