Build personalized 1-to-1 conversations in any mobile moment across the entire customer lifecycle

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Grow your base

Mobile lifecycle marketing with 360dialog helps you convert new users into loyal and happy customers,
and increase your customer lifetime value.

Contextual 1:1 personalization is king

Are you ‘moment-ready’? Our fast pacing world and your customers are expecting it.
Create mobile moments through individual experiences. Deliver relevant information, instantly to the preferred touch point.

anyone in any context

Target the right customers, start a relevant and personalized conversation.


anywhere in any channel

Communicate where it works best for your customer.



anytime in real-time

Know when the moment comes and be able to communicate instantly.


Running 1-to-1 conversation for top brands

“Mobile Engagement is essential for our app portfolio. With the platform and services of 360dialog we’ve been able to realize a programmatic customer engagement setup.”

Steffen Moritz

Senior Manager Digital Touchpoints & Consumer Communications, Deutsche Telekom AG

Connect with your customers


Reach your users on their most loved messenger. With 360 you can deliver messages through browsers and Facebook Messenger, across all devices. Messenger communication helps you build even more valuable relationships with your customers.

Rich Push

Engage with your user base and deliver millions of push & in-app notifications (personalized and non-personalized) in real-time. Make your conversations more appealing by adding pictures, gifs and videos.

In-app message

In-App Message

In-app messages are the best way to communicate with your active users. Engage with them on mobile, shape their experience and build a closer relationship than ever.

Data Push

DataPush enables you to bring in-app messages to the next level. Send any type of json package to offer your users a native and personalized experience. Run native content A/B testing, display native in-app messages and even provide individual user scores to your app

Web push

Are you ready to improve your website conversions with Web Push? Build upon your app messaging setup, and Services using Web Push: extend your reach with notifications, to drive engagement and sales on your website. Reach your customers on mobile, even if you don’t have an app, at all times, no matter where they are. Web Push is built in within just a couple of minutes.

Browser that support Web Push: Chrome, Firefox, Safari


We bring your users back! With our Remarketing program you can trigger banner retargeting campaigns to lapsed users and bring them back to you and into the funnel. Focus your budget on people who are already familiar with your brand and demonstrated interest.

Your App

Engage with your app users via push an in-app messaging.

The Browser

Reach your website users. Seize the opportunity!


Communicate with users directly in their messenger app.



A gateway to content that delivers performance.

High-tech and high-touch

360dialog offers a unique combination of technical enablement and consulting and execution services.


360dialog proudly presents the most advanced real-time, multichannel messaging platform for mobile, in the market. Seamlessly integrate it into your existing marketing stack and adapt it to your custom business logic.


We are your partner, every step of the way, to a successful mobile conversation. From consulting in mobile lifecycle marketing strategy over custom system integrations paired with managed services, we give you personal support. Because not only are we high tech but also high touch.



Open platform

Custom logic


Managed services


Data services

Success story

How a classifieds service provider boosted app adoption by +51% in under 12 days.

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Establish personalized 1:1 conversations between your brand and customers on mobile over the entire lifecycle.

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