HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration Through the Business API

A HubSpot+WhatsApp integration is now achievable through the WhatsApp Business API. Get access to the WhatsApp Business API from 360dialog and enable the exchange of data such as contacts, conversations, and notifications between HubSpot and WhatsApp.

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Seamless HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration Through our selected Partners!

The 360dialog WhatsApp API integrates easily and quickly with HubSpot. At 360dialog, we have partnered with many independent software vendors (ISVs) who can help you integrate HubSpot with WhatsApp easily. 360dialog’s strong partner network will provide you with solutions supporting your use cases!

CRM Integrations

Contact Registration

The Business API from 360dialog enables third-party software to send contact information from WhatsApp to HubSpot. This enables you to register WhatsApp contacts in HubSpot

WhatsApp Notifications

Messages and Conversations

Send and receive WhatsApp messages through HubSpot. The WhatsApp Business API enables third-party solutions that are created by our partners to register WhatsApp messages as timeline events in HubSpot.

Fast connection of CRM and Messaging activity

HubSpot and WhatsApp integration Features

Here’s what you can enable through 360dialog’s API

  • 1 on-1 messaging through HubSpot
  • Send media files and attachments
  • Record conversations in HubSpot
  • Record WhatsApp numbers in HubSpot
  • Add WhatsApp to your HubSpot Workflow
  • Manage WhatsApp leads in HubSpot
  • Get notifications for incoming messages
  • Inbox-Integration available
  • Send WhatsApp template messages

WhatsApp and HubSpot Integration Demonstration

The following video demonstrates what is possible to achieve by integrating HubSpot with WhatsApp through the WhatsApp Business API and a solution provided by an ISV.

Watch this video on YouTube.

The Workflow of the HubSpot and WhatsApp integration

In this instance, the solution is developed by one of our partners, and it is built based on the WhatsApp Business API which is provided by 360dialog.

The video shows how the integration developed by creates a seamless and comprehensive connection between HubSpot and WhatsApp. The solution that is built by our partners enables its users to record contact information, record conversations as timeline events, and send and receive WhatsApp messages all within HubSpot.

So, when clients text your business on WhatsApp, their name and phone number get registered in HubSpot, the conversation or the exchanged messages are saved as timeline events, and your sales team members can respond to these messages through HubSpot.

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Use 360dialog iPaas to sync between different integrations

With the 360dialog integration layer, in- and outgoing message data can be automatically transferred between different applications to provide your customers with the best possible customer experience

360dialog CRM Integration

Your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Offer your clients the benefits of relevant and convenient services via the WhatsApp Business API with an official WhatsApp Enterprise Account

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