HubSpot + WhatsApp Integration

360dialog subscribers can integrate HubSpot and WhatsApp via the WhatsApp Business API. Businesses can install the plug-in through HubSpot Marketplace, allowing businesses to store and manage WhatsApp contacts in HubSpot.



Integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot CRM and manage all your businesses’ contacts, support tickets, and leads in one place! 360dialog’s HubSpot WhatsApp Integration brings all WhatsApp Inbox features into your HubSpot CRM and allows your team to keep track of sales and support conversations without missing any information!

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How does it work

When clients text your business on WhatsApp, their name and phone number get registered in HubSpot, the conversation or the exchanged messages are saved as timeline events, and sales team members can respond to these messages through HubSpot.

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WhatsApp Business API

This Integration between WhatsApp and HubSpot is powered by the Official WhatsApp Business API from 360dialog, one of the leading WhatsApp Business Solution Partners. 360dialog specializes in the WhatsApp Business API, enabling powerful and seamless connections between WhatsApp and other platforms, such as the HubSpot Integration.

Key Features

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Few Clicks Installation

Easy deployment through the HubSpot marketplace. No development skills are required.

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Create HubSpot workflows to receive in-app notifications through HubSpot whenever a WhatsApp message is received.

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Automatic Contact Registration

Automatically register WhatsApp Contacts in HubSpot and allow agents to keep track of these.

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Team Inbox

Integrate HubSpot with 360dialog’s WhatsApp Team Inbox and enable 1-on-1 conversations. Send media files, attachments, and template messages.

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Familiar Interface

Enable multiple agents to respond to WhatsApp Messages through HubSpot with an interface similar to the WhatsApp Web. 

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Save Conversations

Automatically record WhatsApp Conversations and store them as timeline events in HubSpot.

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Bulk Messages

Send bulk messages through HubSpot with the WhatsApp Team Inbox and enable 1-on-1 conversations.

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Requirements for the HubSpot and WhatsApp integration

To connect HubSpot with WhatsApp, you must meet all 4 requirements:

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Your business complies with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy and is eligible to access the WhatsApp Business API.

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You have access to the WhatsApp Business API from 360dialog.

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You have admin access to your Facebook business account.

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You have a HubSpot account and access with proper permissions to install apps through the HubSpot Marketplace.

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Partner Integration

If your business needs specific features we are not supporting yet then we might have other solutions for you. We have partnered with many independent software vendors (ISVs) who can quickly help you integrate HubSpot with WhatsApp. Make sure to reach out to us so we can recommend a partner for you.


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