WhatsApp CRM Integration through the Business API

All-in-one API for WhatsApp! Connect your WhatsApp CRM activities with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Bitrix24, amoCRM, SugarCRM, and Dynamics, with the most relevant messenger channel. Integrate WhatsApp Business with CRM tools, and manage all of your contacts and leads in one place. And it’s all possible with the API from 360dialog.

WhatsApp API Integration with CRM & Contact Center Solutions
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Our integration partners connect to your CRM needs!

No matter, if it is Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Bitrix24, amoCRM, Intercom, SugarCRM, or Dynamics, the 360dialog WhatsApp API integrates easily and quickly with your CRM system. 360dialog’s strong partner network will help you integrate WhatsApp with CRM platforms and tools that suit your need!

360dialog Platform
CRM Integrations

CRM Integrations

Connect all messenger data (phone number, name, chats, etc.) to existing CRM profiles and Contact Center-Solutions

WhatsApp Notifications

WhatsApp Notifications

Enable personalized WhatsApp messages from your CRM, whether Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Bitrix24, amoCRM, Intercom, SugarCRM or Dynamics

Fast connection of CRM and Messaging activity

CRM Connector

Advantages of 360dialog API Integration

  • Fast connection of CRM and Messaging activity
  • Inbox-Integration available
  • Standard integrations, HubSpot, Google People API, etc.
  • Any chatbot solution can be integrated
  • Efficient workflows by synching & rule engine
  • Load balancing of messages

WhatsApp and HubSpot Integration Use Case

The following example shows how to register WhatsApp contacts in HubSpot, send WhatsApp messages through the direct chat feature, and record messages as timeline events

WhatsApp Integration on HubSpot: Features

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How WhatsApp and HubSpot integrate to create CRM workflow automation

HubSpot is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to inbound marketing, sales, and services.

When you integrate the 360dialog WhatsApp API and HubSpot through get.chat, the information of customers who contact you gets automatically imported into HubSpot. This means that when you receive a message, the username and phone number of the person that contacted you get automatically added to the contacts in HubSpot. From there, the contact can be assigned to a team member, it can be added to a list, or used for any other marketing purposes.

By integrating WhatsApp and HubSpot through get.chat you can register contacts, record messages as timeline events and respond to WhatsApp messages on HubSpot.

See more CRM Integration Features at get.chat →  

Use 360dialog iPaas to sync between different integrations

With the 360dialog integration layer, in- and outgoing message data can be automatically transferred between different applications to provide your customers with the best possible customer experience

360dialog CRM Integration

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