Users expect Messaging in customer service

WhatsApp’s reach of 2 billion monthly active users and over 1 billion daily active users, reflects the channel’s enormous Messaging potential. The WhatsApp Business API, with its enormous reach, offers so much more!

That’s why we would like to use this blog post to show you a few examples of applications along the customer journey, which will help you to understand the possibilities as a CRM, sales, and notification channel, as well as what users expect.

The following chart shows a sales funnel and different contact points, how WhatsApp can be used along the journey for 1:1 communication and what percentage of surveyed users would use these services.

Users expect Messaging in customer service

Pre-Purchase Phase:

Offering the user an added value or service at the right time in the initiation phase of purchase is quite challenging, as the impulse to buy should not be disturbed. Therefore, work with rules that offer entry into WhatsApp at the best possible time to support the sales process through advice or reminders. Possible entry points for the WhatsApp opt-in dialog could be, for example, a user jumping between two product details pages (product comparison), a user lingering on a product details page (indecision) or an exit intent (unsuccessful search). If you find the right time, you will experience high rates of entry into WhatsApp, with customers coming to you with product and service requests.

Post-Purchase Phase:

Once the transaction is complete, WhatsApp offers a wide range of after-sales services and you as a brand the opportunity to retain users and extend the customer journey even after the conversion is complete. After the transaction, the user can request further information, e.g. a query about the delivery status via WhatsApp to you or after delivery of the package with a support request to you. The WhatsApp Business API offers many ways to add value and quality communication to the user throughout the customer cycle.

The WhatsApp Business API offers you many ways to provide value-added services and communication to your users along the customer journey. We would be happy to discuss with you how WhatsApp can be used for Messaging in customer service.