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We are a young team with plenty of experience

We are a Berlin based company that is just crazy about mobile. Technology is our passion and our heart beats for our customers.



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Who we are

360 means dedicated people from all around the world. We like to think that through diversity, we can create value. All these aspects we are keen to share with our customers. We want to contribute with great technology and passion to the business of our customers and their mobile ecosystem.

Our mission

360dialog helps brands and users to engage in 1-to 1 communication. We facilitate that communication within any given moment in time and over the entire customer lifecyle. Anywhere, anytime and anyone. Start talking.

Our management team

Roland Siebert

Roland Siebert

Founder & CEO

Roland is the founder and Managing Director of 360dialog. He is responsible for product and strategy and keeps a constant eye on market trends and developments. Thanks to his drive and vision he powers the team to reach new goals and new milestones. With more than 12 years experience in tech and mobile companies Roland has gathered a wealth of experience in all things mobile.

Marie Hilfiger

Marie Hilfiger

Co-Founder & General Manager

Marie has a strong business background in HR, business operations and general management in global corporations from consumer electronics, entertainment and luxury industry. Her experience includes the leadership of heterogeneous teams during start up, consolidation and different growth stages. She was strongly involved in M&A and regional integration and expansion initiatives. Her passion lies with supporting both sustainable organisational and individual growth. She is personally led by the motto: “A good leader inspires others with confidence in him; a great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves.” (Unknown).

Gerrit Rode

Gerrit Rode

Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development Gerrit is responsible for sales and account management. Gerrit’s experience in a number of high profile mobile tech agencies helping enterprise clients (primarily from the telecommunications and eCommerce sector) makes him a true heavyweight in the mobile marketing field.

Jan Sulmont

Jan Sulmont


Jan leads the technology team at 360dialog, responsible for the development and operation of the software and systems powering our cutting-edge marketing automation platform. Trained as statistician and senior computer scientist, Jan is an accomplished technical leader with over 20 years of experience and a strong history designing and delivering highly scalable and performant new products to the market in FinTech (algorithmic trading) and AdTech (RTB). Jan is passionate about distributed computing, real-time and machine learning.

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