Mobile is more than apps, conversation is more than messaging.

Our cutting-edge mobile marketing automation platform enables personal conversations across channels, in real-time.

360dialog is an open, real-time, multi-channel communication hub. Our platform connects your messaging channels with a powerful yet flexible real-time decision-making engine which features the most advanced chatbot and machine learning technology on the market.

The conversation hub

Connect to your customer in their preferred context. Our platform natively supports messaging to apps, browsers, messengers and connected IoT devices.
Further, with our best-of-breed partner programme, we enable your conversation on any other channel of your choice.

Our platform connects consumer touchpoints in an intelligent way:  spark meaningful conversations with our real-time rule engine across channels. Tailor the platform to your needs with bespoke business logic.

Let chatbot technology  and machine learning algorithms take over and help you generate a highly personalized experience  for your customers.

For those of you who are interested in understanding our product from a more technical point of view.


Multi-channel messaging


Use complementary messaging channels and dialog formats. Don’t miss an opportunity to engage.

Push notifications

Engage with app users in the most effective way.

In-app messaging

Communicate with your users and personalize their experience in your app.

Web push

Reach web users directly in the browser, even if they are not on your website.


Find and re-engage lapsed users through social media and mobile advertising.


Deliver your communication within the most popular messenger apps.


Deliver to any chatbox or chatbot system.


Integrates with your battle-tested marketing stack


At 360dialog we believe that everybody is unique and has special gifts & talents. This is how we built our platform: we focus on our core platform and messaging hub, for all the rest we partner with “best-of-breed” point solutions in the market to bring you the strongest solutions in email, attribution, campaign tracking, ad-serving, tag management, data management platform, analytics, etc.


“360dialog’s realtime orchestration platform for mobile messaging fits perfectly in our best-of-breed approach working and partnering with the strongest solutions in each discipline. 360dialog is one of those leaders we want to deepen our relationship globally to deliver the best MarTec solutions to our enterprise customers.”

Lindsay McEwan

VP & Managing Director, EMEA, Tealium

Enhance and integrate your marketing stack with 360dialog.

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Multi-channel and multi-step

Lifecycle marketing with campaign orchestration. Set up even the most complex of campaigns: multi-channel message flows based on various triggers, across channels, over time, and in real time. Seamlessly. Automatically.

Bespoke logic & integration

Tailored to your needs. On mobile. We offer customizable software. Bespoke is our sweet spot. We go out of your way to deliver exactly what you need. Also, our heritage is mobile. That’s our world. Nobody beats our depth of expertise.

Realtime decisions

Scale and performance. Process large numbers of signals from multiple sources to trigger campaigns. Trigger send outs in real time.

Optimize & learn

Optimize your customer lifetime value. Create user segments based on demographic and behavioral data. Machine learning optimizes customer lifetime value for you. Retarget high-value users.

Data management

Import and export your data easily with other tools in your technology stack. Optimize conversion rates by testing messages, creatives, sending times, campaign flows and target groups. Gather insights with analytics, including cohort analyses.

Data privacy and security

Protect your users’ personal identifiable information (PII). Clearly separate anonymized and personalized data. Host your data in Germany and abide by German and EU data privacy regulations.


On the most personal device that we own, there is only one way for a satisfying and profitable communication – personalization. Our User-Profiles allow us to aggregate data for a fully personalized conversation.


In our technically diverse world, manual work is just not an option anymore. Automation opens up the opportunity to instantly react on user behavior over the entire lifecycle – at scale.

Custom Content

Sent custom data to your device and decide how and what to display

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