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Sent on April 16, 2024 — by 360dialog Communications Team

Dear Partner,

We’re happy to announce the launch of the Webhook per Phone Number feature in Cloud API. This means that using Cloud API is even easier – no changes are needed in your Webhook handling, since the existing Webhook per Phone Number set in On-premise will also be supported.

With this new feature, we have prepared this Ultimate Guide to use Cloud API, which explains step by step what to do to fully support the new version of WhatsApp Business API.

On-premise API sunset timeline

  • From January 2024, new updates and features are only launched in Cloud API. This means that businesses still using On-premise API will have older versions of the API by default, will not be able to access new features and will be at risk of having constant issues with messaging.
  • From May 15, 2024, 360dialog will not allow new phone numbers to be created using On-premise API. This means that from this date, if you are not prepared to use Cloud API, you will not be able to register new phone numbers.
  • From October 2025, On-premise API will be discontinued. This means that all numbers still in On-premise API will stop working permanently.

The only limitation to Cloud API messaging today is for numbers based in Turkey. This limitation will be lifted in 2024. More information and detailed timeline will be shared soon.

Steps for supporting Cloud API

1. Adapt your integration

Messaging with Cloud API is very similar to On-premise API, but there are some slight differences that you need to adapt to. We have a detailed guide listing of all of them here.

The key elements you need to understand are:

Account Differences

In Cloud API, only the latest generated API Key will work. This means that it’s common to have to generate a new API key. Please make sure this is the first thing you try when troubleshooting any messaging issues.

Root URL

Cloud API has a different Root URL. Read more about this here.

Webhook Differences

Cloud API allows for both Phone Number Webhook and WABA Webhook to be set. We strongly suggest using Phone Number Webhook or maintaining phone numbers in separate WABAs to ensure higher messaging performance. Read more about this here.

Messaging Elements

In Cloud API, some messaging elements are different. See them all here.

2. Test Messaging in one phone number after adapting your integration

Right after updating your integration, you should test it with one phone number to make sure nothing was missed. To request that one testing phone number is migrated to Cloud API separately, please submit a ticket with our support team.

3. Enable Cloud API in your Partner Account

When the tests are finished successfully, it’s time to start onboarding new phone numbers directly in Cloud API. This is recommended to ensure the signup and registration process is working smoothly. Since new phone numbers usually start with lower messaging volume, this is also a good way of testing if your production integration is working properly.

To enable Cloud API in your Partner Account, please please submit a ticket with our support team. When this is enabled, all new phone numbers (newly registered or migrated) will have Cloud API as default hosting.

You can also leverage the Integrated Onboarding query parameters to customize this experience, selecting a different hosting type or subscription plan when needed.

If you are in Europe: we strongly recommend enabling data localization right after enabling Cloud API in your Partner Account.

4. Change hosting type of specific phone numbers

When Cloud API is enabled in your Partner Account, you will start seeing the “change hosting type” button in the details page of specific phone numbers in the 360dialog Hub. You can use this tool to migrate numbers whenever needed.

Please see our documentation for details on the full process.

Migrating phone numbers with high volume

As a standard, Cloud API allows up to 50 messages per second volume. This can be upgraded to 1000 messages per second, which requires steps on Meta and on 360dialog sides and incurs extra costs.

If you already have a phone number using one of the high messaging tiers in On-premise API, this number can be upgraded to Cloud API with 1000 messages per second tier maintaining the same subscription plan fee. The process needs to be closely managed with our support team, though, to prevent issues:

  1. First, the phone number in On-premise API needs to be downgraded to a regular messaging tier
  2. Then, you will migrate this phone number to Cloud API
  3. After it is already in Cloud API, we can upgrade the number again to a high messaging tier

Read more about high messaging throughput with Cloud API here.

Schedule bulk migration

After testing the individual phone number migration a few times, if you wish to migrate more than 50 numbers at once, you can request a bulk migration with our team. Read more about this here.

Data Compliance

Cloud API supports Local Storage and is compliant with all Data Privacy laws. You can read more about Local Storage here. There are also details in the Business Messaging Compliance Center.

The SLA that signed by Partners and Clients with 360dialog incorporates the current DPA, which points to Meta’s T&Cs and data processing for the Cloud API product. This means that no DPAs need to be updated to ensure compliance for Cloud API.

Have a great week!
360dialog Communications Team

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