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Realtime Customer Interaction allows you to automate simple requests, to free up your resources for the more complex inquiries and thus be able to deliver quality service.
Bots as a substitute for human agents may seem an obvious solution, but RCI tackles the issue one step sooner as it manages to anticipate the caller concerns (based on the caller’s existing customer data from the various data silos). After the request is recognized, the customer is offered the corresponding solution directly.

  no Bot needed

  no waiting loop

  accelerate time to success

A custom-built Bot tailored to your needs

We sit together with you and jointly design the Bot you need to optimize your customer-facing processes, save operational costs and increase customer satisfaction. Depending on your business goals and the type of experience you want to deliver to your customers, we develop the perfect model.

Our solutions rely on leading-edge Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies.


  Questionnaire Bot

  Charade Bot

  Upselling Bot

  Expert Bot

Fuel your Bot with the right data for a smart conversation

Today’s empowered customers expect more engaging and smart content and faster interactions. Thus, integrating the right context into your Bot is the first challenge to conquer to avoid frustration and customer churn from unnecessary or poor communication.

We fuel your Bot with location, time, date, details about your users’ online behavior, and other similar data to deliver a smart dialogue.

 Contextual Data

Historical Data

Dynamic Profiles

Bots and Humans

The Inbox allows besides the Conversational
AI, the cooperation of Bots and
“Human Agents”.

If the bot cannot meet the request, it can
forward it to a “human agent” or the bot
can assist the agent in request processing.

 Bot hands over to human agents
 Bot as an assistant to agents

Chat with your customers on their most preferred Channel

360dialog supports all the popular and frequently used mobile and desktop communication channels through which users can access and engage with your Bot.

You only have to choose the most suitable according to your target audience or let the users decide on a simple landing page, based on their personal preferences and individual needs.


FB Messenger



Bots and Humans

Our approach consists of a tight cooperation between human agents and chatbots. Whenever the bot cannot meet the request, it is handed over to a human agent. This collaboration is enabled through our “collaborative Inbox” application, one of the key parts of the ecosystem.

Bots are additional members of your contact center crew: 24 x 7 reliable and always friendly! Orchestrated by the collaborative Inbox app, Bots also assist your human agents. Always there to help your team.


  Bot hands over to a human agent

  Bot as an assistant to a human agent


Bots and Humans

The Inbox allows besides the Conversational AI, the cooperation of Bots and “Human Agents”.

If the bot cannot meet the request, it can forward it to a “human agent” or the bot can assist the agent in request processing.

Bot hands over to human agents
Bot as an assistant to agents

Collaborative Inbox App

Bots hand over conversations to human agents. Human agents get these conversations assigned to their Inbox (cases). Cases will be handled and resolved by human agents.
The collaborative Inbox offers tools for monitoring, statistics to track your business KPIs: agent performance, channel usage (WhatsApp, Facebook etc.), ranking customer inquiries, resolution time of inquiries etc.



 Bot hands over to a human agent


Pre-Qualified Leads

Simplify your workflow and let the Bot qualify your leads.


Answer standard customer inquiries.


Reach seamlessly a larger audience

Products Recommendation

Recommend products and services.

Canned Responses

Suggested by the Bot for your cc agent.


Route to the right CC Department

Running 1-to-1 conversation for top brands

“Mobile Engagement is essential for our app portfolio. With the platform and services of 360dialog we’ve been able to realize a programmatic customer engagement setup.”

Steffen Moritz

Senior Manager Digital Touchpoints & Consumer Communications, Deutsche Telekom AG

Your App

Engage with your app users via push an in-app messaging.

The Browser

Reach your website users. Seize the opportunity!


Communicate with users directly in their messenger app.



A gateway to content that delivers performance.

360dialog’s customers increase agent efficiency and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Stay on top of the latest marketing developments and deliver a 360 communication

Multi-Channel Messaging

Reach your customers wherever they are,
across all channels, devices and browsers.

Realtime Customer Interactions

Identify your customers’ context and needs
and serve them at the exact moment, in realtime.

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