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Onboarding beyond Overlay Onboarding

I already discussed the effectiveness of onboarding overlays in a previous blog post. Yet there is more to onboarding than overlays! Today, I would like to talk about another approach to user onboarding which goes beyond the simple use of overlays. The challenge With... read more

Lapsed users are never lost

Here at 360dialog we have seen again and again in our day-to-day experience working with customers that healthy numbers of users entering a well-conceived funnel might not equal satisfactory conversion rates. While I have personally seen many iterations of this... read more

Smart Deeplinking increases m-commerce revenue

Email marketing is one of the key marketing channels and conversion driver in E-Commerce. In the last 12 months there has been a very intensive development in the direction of “Mobile”, which is now reflected very significantly in the opening rates: the... read more

Review dialogue with push messages and InApp Overlays

  Today, I would like to present some empirical data concerning the generation of positive reviews with the help of push messages and InApp messages. You probably know the classic system messages of iOS and Android (see image), that typically appear when the user... read more

Performance uplift with segment-based push messages

We would like to introduce today a few user cases and the relevant data concerning the delivery of segment-based push messages. In the examples that we are going to provide we will present how a successful segmentation can positively affect the performance of a push... read more

Interesting readings in the mobile world

This week different sources published interesting facts and numbers that we would like to share with you. The experts at published a report on mobile shopping behavior, with a special focus on the buying patterns during the holiday season. The... read more

Email is more and more mobile

In the last 24 month different resources have reported that emails get opened primarily on mobile devices. Today we would like to point out to you some figures that demonstrate how exciting this further development of mobile truly is: According to 66%... read more

News from the mobile market

Again this week we had some very exciting news from the Mobile & Apps world. Here two short highlights: 1. Mobile marketing budgets to inc26rease by 36% this year   By the end of the year mobile marketing budgets are expected to rise by 36 percent. However, along... read more