Unified Mobile Messaging API & Mobile Automation Solutions

Our 360dialog Messenger Communication Platform & Unified Messaging API (MessagePipe) combines +6 years of Mobile Marketing Automation experience with the WhatsApp Business API, as an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

Connect your Messenger API to any customer touchpoint and engage in relevant 1:1 conversations, with MessagePipe.

Connect your mobile channels with our automation platform and deliver relevant notifications and services in realtime.

We think Use Cases rather than channels...

Messenger Communication Platform

Successful messenger communication requires smart Use Cases and Technology. The MessagePipe Messenger Communication Platform & Unified Messaging API (MessagePipe) is your provider to  run effective Use Cases via API or on-premise (as unified messaging CRM integrations)

Our messenger platform connects brands with customers!

User Journey Optimization

Connect your messenger communication with any touchpoint.

1:1 Messaging

Build 1:1 communication with smart automated services, sales and CRM Use Cases.


Powerful automation tools and highly performant Message-API - 100% message delivery rate.

Say hello to your Mobile Messaging API

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