Gerrit Rode

Again this week we had some very exciting news from the Mobile & Apps world. Here two short highlights:

1. Mobile marketing budgets to inc26rease by 36% this year

By the end of the year mobile marketing budgets are expected to rise by 36 percent. However, along with this budget increase come many new challenges, such as the difficulties many marketing managers encounter when defining a comprehensive Business Case for Mobile and therefore to evaluate the dedicated mobile budgets. You can find the complete article here: VentureBeat

2. Apple announces more than 85 billion downloads

Apple has reported this week that since the start of the App store there were over 85+ billion app downloads, a number which certainly says something about the size of the market. This number should also draw the attention tothe increasing need for App Marketing Automation platforms, as many app publishers have a large install base and should therefore focus on customer dialogue and on implementing ways to monetise their regular users. The full articles on the reporting of Apple can be found at the following link: TechCrunch

More news from the fields of Mobile & Apps will follow in the coming weeks and we will be happy to keep you posted!