Gerrit Rode

In the last 24 month different resources have reported that emails get opened primarily on mobile devices. Today we would like to point out to you some figures that demonstrate how exciting this further development of mobile truly is:

According to 66% of email openings happen nowadays via smartphone and tablet. These rather impressive statistics should be taken into account by Marketing and CRM managers in the creation and optimization of their campaigns. According to the “US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q2 2014” from Movable Ink Android users have the highest reading time of emails: 52.99% of Android users read their emails 15 seconds longer than any other user.

Email accounts for around two-thirds of conversions in E-Commerce. According to a report of SeeWhy Conversion Acadamy 62% of smartphone conversions are email-driven.

We believe that these numbers show clearly how big is the potential success in the further implementation of email campaigns. The use of new technologies available on the market – such as Smart Deeplinking – will prove indispensable in the near future to unlock the full potential of email marketing.

In the next weeks we will present some examples from customers who have already optimized their email communication according to the emerging customer behavior patterns and achieved impressive results by integrating their email with their mobile app.