Lifecycle Marketing Platform for Mobile

We are real-time, optimized and automated.

Real-time Marketing Automation


Real-time Messaging

Define any trigger point in your mobile app and/or campaign setup to establish contextual and relevant communications with your users.

Custom Segmentation

Build custom segments based on various user attributes to establish a relevant dialog with your users. Combine logical AND/OR criteria in each of your segments.


Be more effective by addressing each of your users individually with our personalization features for push notifications, In-App Messages and Ads.

API-triggered Campaigns

You have your CRM, Content Management or Marketing Automation System already in place. We seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and deliver the last mile via our REST-API.

Messaging Channels

Push Notifications

Engage with your user base and deliver millions of push notifications (personalized and non-personalized) in real-time.

In-app Messaging

Bring your communication to the next level with our In-App messaging feature and display highly relevant and flexible  overlays at any given point in your app.

Browser Push Notifications

Deliver personalized messaging through your mobile and desktop browsers. Reach users you otherwise wouldn’t reach. For high attention and high engagement.

Messenger Push Notifications

If you don’t have an app or yours are seldom opened, reach your users via their messengers. Both with notifications and in-chat messages. Who doesn’t open their messengers?! Harness the reach of Facebook Messenger.

Deep Linking

Bridge the gap between your email + web communications to your mobile apps by using our smart deep linking technology.

Smart Media

With our smart media solutions we acquire the most valuable app users to your business and re-engage your existing ones.



We bring your users back! With our Remarketing program you can trigger banner retargeting campaigns to lapsed users and bring them back into the funnel.


A / B Testing

We make AB-Testing on a per message level simple and effective. Benchmark as many messages as needed. Everything is measured and available in your 360 analytics dashboard.


Continuous Testing

Testing is an ongoing process. We enable you to test efficiently your campaigns on various variables such as sending time.

Funnel Optimization

We help you optimize your funnel and provide proven value at scale. Use our funnel optimization tactics in your app marketing campaigns.

Analytics & Reporting

Cohort Analysis

Understand your cohorts and their performance. The 360 dashboard displays valuable insights easy to digest.

Conversion Tracking

Transactions, registrations, whatever you define as conversion we provide you the numbers and tell you how your campaigns perform.

Acceptance Measurement

Silent push is an effective way to measure the acceptance of your campaigns and understand which campaigns affect opt-out and uninstall rates.

Your success is our success.

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